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About Impact Performance

Impact Performance is a unique program that utilizes practical psychology to permanently unlock the potential of bright, underachieving adolescents by engaging parents and students alike. Based in Sacramento, Impact Performance is a thirteen-week program that relieves parents of the frustrations of ineffective punishments, on the way to producing a collaborative environment in which students demonstrate ongoing, increased performance in academics and beyond.

Impact Performance achieves results by addressing the mindset of the student, and by providing parents new ways to intervene that remove both internal and external barriers to performance. Impact Performance achieves this by:

Engaging the entire family

Separately, students and parents participate in provocative learning activities.

Changing the conversation

Parents and students both benefit from moving beyond conflict, frustration, power struggles and punishment.

Creating new metrics for success

Performance goes beyond just grades.

Training students to “own it”

Students learn to exercise choice, set goals and to achieve them step by step.

Encouraging students to shoot for the stars

Students are taught to think big, identify a dream, track and fulfill.

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About Dr Ken Christian

Dr. Ken Christian is a licensed psychologist whose focus is on helping people express their true potential. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Christian’s work as a clinician, published author, academic, and organizational consultant has established him as a leading performance optimization specialist.

As Founder of Impact Performance, Dr. Christian’s work with underperforming students serves to reorient the lives of young people towards fulfilling their life’s true potential.

Class Location

Alliant University
2030 W El Camino Ave #200
Sacramento, CA‎ 95833

Phone: (916) 905-5400

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